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  • Clara Llamas

    Clara Llamas

    Design services, businesses and organisations and read compulsively. https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarallamas

  • Anna McSweeney

    Anna McSweeney

    UX designer @100shapes, alumni @GA_London, ex rower @univ_of_lon_bc and Bradley Wiggins wannabe

  • Brendan Cone

    Brendan Cone

    I’m a generally optimistic engineering manager who loves talking about engineering, management, music of all sorts, and a whole lot of other stuff.

  • Berne


    Until the world appreciates the genius...

  • ttoshi Qrs

    ttoshi Qrs

    I am networker from Wowapp

  • Dan Martins

    Dan Martins

    Chief Product Officer @azimo — previously @intercom, @microsoft, @nokia

  • Harry Ashbridge

    Harry Ashbridge

    Hello, I’m a writer at Monzo.

  • Samuel Troilo

    Samuel Troilo

    Work in progress

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